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Labtest Diagnostics is a vital link to the healthcare community in providing prompt accurate laboratory testing that will assist your physician in diagnosis and monitoring the effectiveness of a treatment plan. Our full-service laboratory has accreditation by COLA, a national accreditation agency with state of the art equipment that operates to the highest standards of quality and precision.

We are federal, state, and country licensed and approved. We provide quality service for an economical cost that is made possible by our skilled, professional staff which in turn, allows us to utilize our lab to the highest efficiency. We are a Medicare and Medicaid approved provider and accept most insurance plans. Cash customers can request a test without going to their doctor first. As a laboratory, we follow strict guidelines, quality control, accurate results reporting, and patient privacy.

Behind every sample is a patient and a family waiting for a high quality timely result.

-Labtest Diagnostics

Labtest Diagnostics is ready to handle the majority of your testing needs including monitoring cancer treatment, chemistry, cholesterol, hematologic blood counts, bacteriology, serology, and triglycerides. Our urinalysis service includes routine chemical examination, drugs of abuse, and drugs of abuse confirmation. Our fast turnaround time makes next-business day reports for most tests possible and, in some cases, same day reports. We will maintain customers HIPAA confidentiality at all times while providing fast accurate precision test results to our valued customers.

We serve the Saint Louis medical community through our medical affiliations with hospitals, assisted living facilities, physicians, and the general medical industry at large. Call us now at 800-522-8378 to schedule an appointment for dependable, accurate and speedy lab test results.